Marco Bahn

Name Marco Bahn
Birthday November 26th, 1975
Residence On a Mountain
Bikes Meta SX raw, Absolut 4X
Favorite Spots Finale Ligure, Molini di Triora, Hangman, X-Line
Tell us about your bike/vehicle setup. gravity oriented, rigid.
What else is in your garage basement? More bikes, snowboards, weights, electronics
What's your training regimen? I try to ride and run all year, going to the gym is important too for core training.
Any major injuries, and how did you recover? Various twisted necks
What's your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure? Pasta and red wine
How do you determine which races or events to enter each year? Usually I try to ride with friends, so its more like a collective decision.
What other sports are you interested in? Snowboarding, climbing, weightlifting.
What are your favorite magazines and websites? Pinkbike, Vital MTB, Dirt
Favorite quote? Feel the fear – do it anyway.
Are you a Mac or PC? Atari.
Top 3 bands Die Antwoord, Autechre, Prodigy, puh, too many to name them, check me out on Spotify :D
Greatest strength Creativity.
Most frustrating challenge Ignorance.