Jared Worster




Jared is not only one of the guys who keep R107Bikes running but takes care of your sweet tooth, too. Coming from Roadbikes he started last year to go full on Enduro biking.

Name Jared
Birthday 1980s
Residence Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Bikes Commençal Meta AM Factory, Absolut MaxMax 4X build, various retro roadbikes
Favorite Spots Alps.
Tell us about your bike/vehicle setup. Plush.
What else is in your garage basement? Snowboards, climbing and boxing gear.
What's your training regimen? Riding every day as there is no such thing as bad weather.
Any major injuries, and how did you recover? Broken collarbone just in the beginning of the season. Recovering with the Andre Scholz from PHYSION.
What's your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure? Ever tried my selfmade cake? ;).
What other sports are you interested in? Snowboarding, climbing, boxing, sailing and running.
Greatest strength Creativity and patience.