Claire Fiebig



Name|Claire Fiebig
Birthday|December 29th, 1993
Residence|Friedrichshafen, Germany
Bikes|Centurion Trailbanger, Centurion Backfire
Favorite Spots|Lac Blanc, Alpe d’Huez, Saalbach
Tell us about your bike/vehicle setup.|Enduro Style, stiff & fast
What else is in your basement?|camping equipment, bananas
What’s your training regimen?|Train & Eat & Sleep & Repeat!
Any major injuries, and how did you recover?|Pure luck, but no big injuries until now :-).
What’s your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure?|Pasta and Cashews!
How do you determine which races or events to enter each year?|Everything in reach and manageable due to my other life!
What other sports are you interested in?|climbing, crossfit
What are your favorite magazines and websites?|Prime Mountainbiking & IBC
Favorite movie quote?|I prefer riding instead of watching Movies ;-)
Are you a Mac or PC?|Mac, what a question ;-) ?!
Top 3 bands|Depends, changes often…..Spotify!
Greatest strength|Always in a happy mood. If something doesn’t work out: Get up, ride on!
Most frustrating challenge|A week is too short.